Pet Preform Moulds manufacturer & exporter in India - Real Engineering Works

Pet Preform Moulds manufacturer & exporter in India - Real Engineering Works


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Real Engg. Works Provides the Full Range of Precision PET PREFORM MOLDS.

Pet Preforms Moulds

Pet Preforms Moulds


Available in option of 02, 04, 08, 12, 16 & 32 Cavities Moulds.

Automated ejection of Preforms.

Efficient concealed cooling system. Also available with quick change couplers to reduce piping hassles and time.

Nozzle shut-off System (Valve Gate) provided to each gate, to avoid PET material from drooling. The latest designed 'GL Series' Hot Plate System Moulds produces Gateless Preforms / runnerless Preforms avoids laborious gate cutting operation and unhygienic manual handling of preform.

Thermally well balanced Hot Plate System provides very close and effective control on the process.

We offer versatile and cost effective "Combo Mould" options,

  • Multiple Weight Preform Moulds with

  • interchange able Punch Inserts or Full Punch Side.

  • 28mm Neck & Liquor Neck combination.

  • 28mm Neck & SAVOR (03 start) Neck Combination.

  • 28mm Neck & 30mm (03 start) Neck Combination.

Convenience of changing the Neck Insert & Full Punch Side.

Maintaining each individual manufactured Mould History to provide trouble free after sales services and availability of "just fir in" interchangeable spares.

The preform rejection almost negligible during set production.

Right material selection for each mould parts according to it's application. All critical parts made out of Corrosion Resistant pre-harden steel.

All the consuming and wearing parts designed for the ease replacement upon wearing out or damaged.


We can Provide High Precision Pet Preform Moulds, Gateless / Gate less Pet Preforms Moulds, Runner Less / Runnerless Pet Preform mold, Quick eject petpreform moulds, Auto eject / Automatic Eject Pet Preforms Molds, Mirror Finish Molds, Preform mold for any typical Shape Bottles, Any Size Preform Moulds (Send details in Inch / MM / Weight in Grams), Zero Rejection Pet Predorms Mould, zero tolerence Preform molds, etc.



Pet Preforms Moulds output

Pet Preforms Prepared with Real Pet Preforms Moulds

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Our Quality

We always give special attention to our Powerful Research and Development activities. Through Research and Development, we continuously improve the quality of our products.

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Pet Preform Moulds

Preform Molds Pet Preform Moulds Pet Preform Mould Pet Preform Mold


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